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August, 2017

Vineyards In The Myanmar Hills

For those who are interested in tasting the grape juices grown in different parts of the world or the alcoholic drinks created from them, a novel venture would be to try the bottled products from Myanmar. This country is one of the new entrants in making bottled hard drinks, especially of the grape variety. The pioneering region that started productions early is the estates in Ayutthaya, which is located near Taunggyi.

Changes in Myanmar

The advent of the wine making industry in this country has come in the wake of the democratic rule that has recently replaced the military rule that existed here for several decades. The historic moment was duly celebrated by raising glasses of wine that are locally produced and is found to be of good quality surprisingly by wine connoisseurs. Hence, if you are looking for wine wholesale Myanmar from this region you will even find several online suppliers who offer Myanmar wine products.

Varieties on offer

The Ayutthaya region has been foremost in producing local wines in this country. You can find Sauvignon Blanc of the local variety as well as try a Shiraz red wine which will offer you a refreshing drink of the sparkling kind that has a rose flavor which is distinct. The first winery set up in the country was by Bert Morsbach who has been a German entrepreneur in this region. He has overcome several political obstacles to claim a virgin territory where he found that a middle class was present to be his steady customer base as well as a growing tourism in the country that would help provide a steady demand in the future. Today he claims that the wines produced by his estate are not enough for export as local demand is high.

Unique terrain for vinum making

Indeed, the Ayutthaya estate might look like a province out of California today, but the harvests were not easy to come by initially. The tropical conditions made it difficult and there were other obstacles as well. Today Morsbach at nearly eighty years of age can look back at the efforts he put in which bore fruit. If you wish to savor the locally produced wines you can do so by visiting this country and the region. Alternately, you could also place an online order to taste the unique tastes of the wines produced in Myanmar. The harvests have grown over the years in other vineyards that have come up and hold a promise for a growing wine industry in this region as well as for the tourism industry.

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