He is your best friend and he is also your soul mate so you want to make him feel special on his birthday or even on his big day to work. So, what do you want to gift him with? You want to make it special and something that will really make him go “awwww”. Well, we have you covered. Check the list of ideas we came up with for you!

A shirt that he loves

You need to have a sweeping look at his closet and check which colors are missing and which prints he needs to have. Well, he might be also wanting of something new to wear might be for work or for college. Then all you have to do is check online or even from a shopping mall for men’s shirts or even t-shirts with nice neutral colors or even with handsome prints. After all, he’s your best and you want to give him the best. You can even go for a really good brand of shirts.

Work on time

Whether he works on time or not gifting a guy with a classic watch are still so trendy. Anyway guys like watches and they like the metallic ones (I don’t know about everyone). So, you can get to know what kind of material he likes when it comes to watches whether its leather or even steel.

There are so many world renowned brands for watches and you can make it extra special with luxury watches in Singapore. They will be quite expensive but it’s all worth the price tag.

A ticket to his favorites

You can buy a ticket him to watch his favorite basketball match or even a rugby match, whatever sport match he likes. If your boyfriend or husband is a really big fan of sports then this would be the best gift ever for him apart from you. So, appreciate his liking towards it by gifting a ticket like this. Or you can buy him tickets to go and watch his favorite movie. You can buy tickets for two actually and make it a day-out with him. Plan some after-movie brunch or dinner in a restaurant to complete the romantic day.

Accessories for guys

Guys don’t shop always but when they do they really mean it. Get to know what your boyfriend/husband really likes when it comes to accessories. He might not be a big fan of accessories but he might have some liking towards things like bracelets, cufflinks, hats, caps, chains and rings. These are only few ideas you want to try. So check in the stores for different materials of bracelets whether its leather or even metallic. Also you can custom make them by laser cutting his name or even initials.