If you are passionate in designing jewelry, pretty sure you are very well know the subject and the art of designing jewelry. Specially if you are planning to run your won jewelry designing business or even run your won jewelry shop, there are still so many things to learn and things to experience. But still there is a chance where you can go wrong in the field. This is why we thought of pin pointing them before you step to these mistakes. So, here are some commonly made mistakes by jewelry designers young and old.

Who are you selling these to?

When designing your jewelry, don’t waste time just sketching these valuable masterpieces in vain. Have yourself a target market. It can be young females, children, brides or even men’s jewelry. Whatever the target market you have aimed to, try to give more focus on this. This will help you to make better progress in your business and you don’t have to go on explaining each and every design. But form first glance, as a whole your clients will be able to understand your target.

Are they matching?

Despite the skills you have to design different types of jewelry, it’s important that you try and match your work. Sometimes drawing your designs randomly won’t work at all and it won’t help you to get more attention from your customers. Whether you are wholesaling your work or if you individually meet with your clients or even if you are selling online, it doesn’t matter as long as you have a combining type of designs that goes with your target market.

If you are also manufacturing

Now if you are a designer and a manufacturer or if you are running your own jewelry shop where designs and manufacturing is done under one roof, then you also need to pay attention to other details like using the correct machines, the marketing, advertising and much more. When it comes to using machines, make sure that you use high-end technology for your products. Since 3D is the new trend, focus on giving your products a boost with it too. You can check for the latest metal 3D printer price to get yourself this machine to manufacture your jewelry in the 3D art.

Are you using the correct advertising?

Even if you are a designer and take it as a small business get yourself a printing machine, you know how much you can achieve through the correct advertising. Like every other business, try to promote your skills. Don’t wait until your clients come finding you and think that advertising is not so important. Once you have a nice set of collection, try to bring them out to the limelight with the aid of social media, through your own website, on other online sites like Etsy.