It is important to understand that beauty ideals change from time to time. Paintings and statues show us that the Greeks and Romans valued women with large rounded hips, large thighs and curvy figures. Later, society started looking towards women who had smaller figures. By the early twentieth century, the hour-glass figure with an itty-bitty waist and large hips was in vogue. By the twenty first century, women were expected to be waifish, with boyish body features and flat stomachs.

Today, outcry from societies has challenged the notion that there is a single ideal of beauty. The conversation calls for more inclusivity for all types of bodies. However, it is futile to deny that an idealized notion of beauty still exists. This ideal may change from country to country, but usually prefers symmetrical facial features, rounded hips, a slim waist and long legs. Women all over the world undergo dietary regimens, exercises and surgeries to attain this ‘look’; here are some of them:

The Perfect Face

The ideal face has large eyes, thick eye lashes, a straight aquiline nose, high cheekbones, a sculpted chin, smooth unblemished skin and two perfectly symmetrical halves of the face. Women undergo eye bag surgery, nasal realignment, facelifts and other surgical procedures to make their eyes look bigger and less tired, to straighten and slim down their noses (if rounded and plump) and tighten the skin of the face where it has become loose over time. Liposuction can be performed to remove the excess fat under the chin that usually results in a double chin.

The ideal of beauty also requires flawless skin. Moisturizing and hydrating properly will help keep your skin clear of blemishes and pimples while using natural creams and lotions will prevent any allergic reactions. Those who have scars left over from years of acne have acne scar removal in Singapore to help their skin heal and become smooth again.

The Perfect Body

While backlash in recent times have served to change our perceptions of the ideal body, it is still very much the image of a slim woman with long limbs whose hips, chest and backside need to be correspondingly curvy and large. The hips-to-waist ratio is usually achieved with strict diet and exercises which burn off excess fat. In extreme cases however, women may undergo surgery to remove excess fat and sculpt their bodies to look the way they want. Surgeries can remove muffin tops, love handles and stretch skin. It can also remove fat hanging from arms that cannot be burnt through exercise.

Squats and other such exercises can help shape the backside while there are aerobic exercises to strengthen the breasts. However, no exercise has been scientifically proven to increase the size of breasts. Breast and back augmentation are also popular surgeries in plastic surgery as they help women achieve the “perfect” look.