Cooking and eating food is a common practice in any household in any part of the world. Most people do know the basics of cooking and are able to prepare a meal and fend for themselves quite well. However, the culinary arts is far beyond merely learning how to cook. It extends this learning to complex techniques, methods, and above all, conducting oneself with discipline.

Often seen as an extremely respectable profession, famous and masterful chefs are celebrities in the modern day. Many have gone on to write cookbooks and host TV cooking shows as well as cooking reality shows, and have become every-day household names. Such masters themselves started out right at the bottom and used their knowledge and skills to pave their way forward.

Choosing to study the culinary arts
Many an institute are available to be joined and gain a certain level of culinary education anywhere in the world. Some of the most famous, such as the Le Cordon Bleu, the most elite cooking school in the world, have seen the growth and development of culinary greats such as Julia Child. Many reputed institutions are available worldwide, for young and willing minds to receive their teachings in the culinary arts.

Choosing to venture into this pathway of study requires that you have a great amount of discipline and patience. Many grueling hours in the kitchen are required to fine-tune your skills and advance forward as a chef.

Qualifications and requirements
There is no set qualification for becoming a fully-fledged chef, and many do choose this pathway with no prior education in the field, and advance through pure experience. However, most prospective chefs today choose to receive a formal education in the field and receive a formal qualification with regard to it. Institutions also offer training programmes within the education period, allowing the students to incorporate their studying into their practical work and develop their knowledge. Trainees can be placed in restaurants ranging from Italian restaurant in Singapore to Vietnamese restaurants, to expand their knowledge of the field in depth as well as breadth.

They will also receive training in terms of restaurant catering, managing a kitchen, and most importantly, working in a team that serves with freshest local ingredients.

Experience and advancement in the field
In this industry, experience plays a big role. Chef’s progress from trainee to chef, to sous chef and finally executive chef, all based on experience and the learning achieved through it. Therefore the best in which to advance in your career as a chef is to work hard and practice your skill day in and day out.