You typically get into a crewed yacht when you are going on vacation. If you are doing this, there is one very important thing that you must remember. You are guests on board their ship. The captain of a ship is her master, her commander and the host for any and all who board her. For the captain and the crew, the boat is their home and you are the people who AirBnBd it. Of course, a professionally trained and courteous crew will do their hardest to make you feel like you are a welcome addition to the boat. While you may argue that you are paying them to take you everywhere and keep you in comfort, the truth is that you are paying for the honour of being allowed onto the boat, nothing more. Treat them with respect, and you will get the same treatment back. Click this link for more information about corporate event venues in Singapore.

Respect is the Biggest Tip
Whether you are on the famous luxury tallship charter Royal Albatross or a small sailing six, you need to treat the members of the crew from the captain to the deckhand with the utmost level of respect. These people are usually highly educated and very professional indeed. They are a group of people who have a shared passion for the sea and sailing, and the worst possible thing that you can do is treat them like they are your employees or servants. If you don’t want to end up reenacting the last scene from the Titanic movie and floating around in the ocean with no lifejacket and a whole lot of sharks around you, treat the members of your crew like you would the owners of a home that you are visiting for a day.
Common Etiquette That Will Make Them Smile
From the luxury tallship charter Royal Albatross to the tinier yachts out there, you need to remember that this is the crew’s home. It is polite, and always has been the tradition, to ask the captain and crew for permission to come aboard before you set foot on their decks. Typically on a charter the crew is going to be outside and waiting to welcome you. It is still courteous to ask for permission.
In addition to being respectful, seeing a landlubber like yourself asking the captain for permission with the same respect that people with sea legs do is going to make them smile and like you a whole lot more. These little things are going to make your sailing experience a whole lot better.