Language is one characteristic that distinguishes animals from humans. Humans through the process of evolution have developed high language skills and today there are over 100 languages that are being used across the world. Apart from knowing your own native language and being able to communicate fluently, are there any other advantages and benefits associated with learning an additional foreign language? What good can knowing a different language do to us and how can we reap its many benefits?

It is quite easy to purchase a product from a foreign country as it is only a matter of knowing the utility of the product and why you need it. But when it comes to selling a product in an overseas market things get a little different and difficult. Persuading a foreign customer to buy a product would be difficult if we do not cater it and customize it to suit his/her culture. To know a foreign culture and the needs and wants of those people, learning their language is important. Therefore companies that wish to do business abroad have a critical need of bilingual or multilingual employees. And not only business, many organizations both government and private are in need of individuals who can converse well and are proficient in multiple languages. For example, travel industry, government agencies and diplomats and fields of advertising, international law, education, scientific research, communications, and publishing are all in need of individuals who are proficient in multiple languages.

Regardless of your selected career path, having the knowledge of an additional language will not harm your employability. It will rather boost your career opportunities as your employability will not be restricted to your native country. So starting on French, German, Japanese, Spanish or excellent Chinese class will be a good investment for the future.

It is proven by research that those who are studying or those who have the proficiency of a foreign language are more likely to increase their native language ability. It is proven that foreign language users have stronger vocabulary skills of their native language, and better understanding of it as learning a new language demands the profound knowledge in your own language. Spending a few dollars and time on French, German, Chinese class or in the study of any foreign language will also boost your memory power and listening skills as it is proven by studies and research.

It also increases life skills and cognitive thinking as learning a new language requires a variety of learning skills. Also you get the ability to enjoy and experience the literature and artworks of many countries and cultures in their own language and understand them better. This will give you more satisfaction and understanding rather than reading a translation of a book or watching a movie with subtitles.