Law is the one which regulates and governs a country in accordance with the formal procedures. Law will prescribe the punishments for the purpose of enforcing the proper procedures. It is better to have at least a general idea about the law of your country as it can help you carry out the day to day activities without any unwanted legal issues. There can be several benefits you can get from the knowledge about the law and the law enforcement and they can be described as follows.
Understanding the maze
You can’t deny the fact that the law is a very complex and less interesting thing to learn or study at first. But when you start to see and realize the things you can do with a proper knowledge you will find it very interesting to learn. For an instance think you want to buy and register a vehicle, if you have a proper knowledge about the way of registering it you will know exactly where to go and how to do it. So your valuable time will be saved for a better purpose. When you look in to a maze at first you will be confused due to its complexity. But with a small study you will find so many ways to avoid the complexity of the maze.

Prestigious profession
Learning law necessarily paves the path to become a professional someday. The legal profession is regarded as a prestigious profession. For an instance a litigation lawyer is respected by the society owing to the service they give the society. In order to understand what is so special about being a profession you need to distinguish the profession from other occupations. Professionals are identified as a group of individuals who undergo years of studying and an extensive training. They are recognized as a group that does an important service to the society. The professionals also have a distinct code of conduct to govern their conduct and etiquettes. Belonging into a group of professionals enables one to obtain number of privileges as well. Lawyers also fall in to the category of professionals and it is considered as a prestigious profession. Therefore it is suggested that learning law is important and worthy.
Help the society
It is seen that many people in the society are less aware of the laws and regulations under which they are governed and which are meant to facilitate them. Learning the law will enable you to guide the society or the people with no knowledge as the laws and the legal procedures. Helping the society with the knowledge is a worthy cause and such can make you feel happy some day.