Gardening is one of the most fun hobbies out there. Not only you get to have a good time, you can make your home look nicer and have healthy fruits and veggies to eat if you garden. So, here are some tips to make gardening easier for you:
Dye Rain Gauge
It can be hard to read the measurements of a rain gauge when the water is so clear after a rainy say. Here’s an easy workaround to this problem: dye. Add a drop of food dye, watercolor or some other coloring that will dissolve in water. Once the rain lets, you will be able to read the dial easy.
Your gloves, knee pads, hygrometer in Singapore and rain gauges should all be neatly organized in one place. Not only will doing so make gardening easy and simple, it will also save you storage space. After all, keeping these things in different places can take up space for other things.

Fill Large Pots
If you are planting seeds in large flower pots, it can be a pain when the time comes to transplant these. It’s difficult to pull potted plants out of large containers. However, you might have no choice as some plants do not grow in small pots. Therefore, the solution is to fill the bottom part of a deep pot with something non-degradable, like packing peanuts or stuff it with bubble wrap to make it easier to pull plants out later.
Buy Online
When you buy gardening equipment like hygrometer, soil pH tester, or rain gauge that you need to take measurements, buy them online. Individual items are far cheaper online than in retail stores or specialty shops. You can find these items for cheap on sites like Amazon and eBay. However, be careful to read all customer reviews in advance. Also, Google the product and the brands to make sure that it is actually good to use. Don’t fall for cheap items.
Use Mulch
You can avoid having to use harmful pesticides or weedicide by using spreading some much around the area where the plant is growing. Mulch is wetter than soil, so seeds of weeds will go bad without growing. Pests like ants and snails will also go away.
Pick Early
We all love the look of growing vegetables and fruits in the garden. However, as nice as they look, you will have to pick them on time to avoid them going to waste because of animals, pests or ripening.
If you follow the above tips, your gardening time will be fun and far more convenient than before.