The nine months of pregnancy is a period in which the mother should be very careful by eating the right food and by staying away from toxicity. From the moment that you know you’re pregnant; everything around you changes, including your mentality and your body. You should consider motherhood as a god given gift.
Your breast will become sore
You will notice that your breast increase in size and that they become painful. This happens due to the production of milk. Mother’s milk is really important to child and it helps the mental and the physical development of the child because the mother’s milk contains all the necessary nutrients. When your baby has grown a little, it is okay to feed them artificial milk and you have to make sure that the bottles used to feed the baby are kept clean. Buying yourself the finest bottle warmer will help you to get rid of all the germs and helps to keep the bottles warm and clean.

The bottle warmer will make your work with the baby a lot easier.
Hair growth increases
When you’re pregnant, your appearance changes. The health of your hair will increase when you’re pregnant because your body produces more estrogen during pregnancy. The estrogen produced will make your healthier and thicker. The growth of hair increases, not only the hair in the head region but also body hair. You will be able to experience unwanted hair growth on the upper lip, back and nipples. Nevertheless, the grown hair will fall off after pregnancy due to the fall of estrogen levels. The growth of your hair will return to its normal state after about 6 months after giving birth. buy the right things for babies.
The changes that happens to the nails
Pregnant women will experience coarsening of the nails. The nails to become brittle and soft making the nails split easily. The increased blood floor causes the estrogen levels to rise. Your nails will also start growing faster.
Skin changes
While pregnancy makes your skin glow due to the increased blood flow, some women might experience darkening of the skin and the appearance of dark spots. These dark spots occur due to the increased production of melanin. It is very common to develop stretch marks in the breast, abdomen and back. These stretch marks will also itch. Stretch marks are mostly seen in obese women. The scientific reason for stretch mark is the breakdown of collagen that supports the skin. Cocoa butter can be applied in the stretch marks that itch.