As the world changes and becomes more advanced, there are certain traditions that continue to live on. The tradition of having a wedding ceremony in order for a man and a woman to live with each other and start a family is a custom as old as time and apart from its religious roots, makes little sense to most people. In a world where all young people are free to do anything they want, it is amusing that “weddings” still hold so much significance, even for homosexual couples who have recently fought tooth and nail to be able to get married in a similar way to straight couples. In the centuries that wedding ceremonies have been celebrated, the customs and rituals have changed significantly, as have the ways that brides and grooms dress.

Wedding of past

Although today brides adorn themselves in beautiful brand new gowns and grooms wear men’s formal shirts in Singapore, this has not always been the case. It is easy to believe that brides have been wearing white flowing ball gowns for many centuries because the tradition has become so ingrained with our culture and yet, the truth is that in the past women simply wore their Sunday best or their favourite and best dress to their wedding ceremony.

The tradition of men wearing men’s formal shirts with tuxedos however has lived longer with it changing slightly from decade to decade to meet with the times. In the past, instead of the modern tuxedo, men wore tail coats to their wedding which is a similar mens form of clothing but with the coat being long at the back in the form of a tail.

The white dress

The tradition of the white wedding dress was born in the Victorian era when Queen Victoria married King Albert in eighteen forty. There was never any deep story or meaning behind her choice of colour but simply a mirror of her taste in fashion. Upon seeing her dress however, many women began to copy her as many people still do the royals and that is how the tradition of a white ball gown was born. Today however the white dress is associated with many things among them, purity however these are all man made stories and the original dress had no significance at all. Today however there are many young girls daring to break from tradition by wearing dresses of colour that are slim and tight fitting unlike their puffy white counterparts. Coloured wedding dresses are slowly becoming popular among young people.