Every day, more companies start to use IT in a more integrated manner. It has come to a point where a business would not be able to survive if there weren’t functioning computers in the office. The IT department is therefore one of the most important parts of a business, if you want it to grow over time. Now, people seem to think that the only thing the IT people do is come to the rescue of an employee if their computer crashes during the day. The truth is that the job involves a lot more than that.
Crashing computers are a real problem too
Of course, crashed computers are something that has to be dealt with by the companies providing IT infrastructure and DCIM solutions, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. If a crashed computer isn’t fixed, the business will actually be impacted quite a bit. After all, the employee can’t work while the computer doesn’t, and this slows them down. This in turn leads to lower productivity across the board and can wind up adversely affecting the company too.
The problem lies in the fact that only a small percentage of companies think about their IT department as being anything more than this. Companies that provide IT infrastructure and DCIM solutions are the exception to the rule, obviously, but most places simply don’t think of their IT section as a real resource to be used in a tactical capacity. In order to grow a business, there is one thing that is needed above all else in the modern world, and that is technology.

What would you do without them?
So why don’t companies realize the true value of an expert team of IT professionals? To know this for sure, simply go up to your marketing people and ask them what they would be able to do if their internet access was lost due to a DNS error. They wouldn’t know what DNS stood for. If some smart-aleck says that he would Google it, fire him. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, nor do you need someone with that IQ working in marketing.
Now, the first step to making sure that the IT department gets the recognition it deserves is to stop the mindset that they are there to fix the tiniest electronics problem the company has. If you are the manager of the office or the owner, make sure that all the employees know what to do when the printer gets the flashing light that indicates it is out of paper. Show them where the power button on the CPU is for their computers too while you’re at it, just in case they didn’t know already.