Every child when he of she grows up they ask only one question. “Why is that my parents are working day and night without seeing me?” it is all for the money. It is so hard to see the fact the money is king that is ruling every person’s heart and mind.

Basically, right from the time a child is created in mom’s womb to the time the child dies, every thing in its environment can vary and influence differently but money will remain as a part which never changes. It is so hard to see that people are working for money so hard just for it to leave them and go to someone else. For example, you spend day and night to study for exams, past your exams, get good grades. If you do not get good grades, you give money to measure it up or redo it. Then you work hard to get that money back. Right when you are about to retire, you will find that you are getting sick and give the money or quality gifts to the doctors. The doctor gives to few people. The circle goes on. If anyone who knows the ups and downs of life well, it will be money.

There is another place where we are careless and stupid. You have obesity and you have a white collar job. Working long hours and working will cause huge stress which will make you crave for something sweet but in all truth you are just feeling thirsty. When you feel hungry, healthy food is the last thing on your mind. You might call one of the fast food restaurant or a bakery. You could have walked to the place and brought it but you will not. You ask for the bakery to do a delicious cake delivery for you. You will pay more.

Then in evening, you will spend hours in gym trying to get your body to shape! In the above cycle money is the like man who is in charge of the cycle to flow properly. This is called the stupidity of human. Why can’t they cut the extra snack or cake and pay extra there and then work the cake off the system in the gym. There is a old proverb which says prevention is better than cure. Therefore, try to stay away from giving into your desires and that is the best and easy way to avoid making money your master. We can see that in pursuit of money, we are loosing our own humanity and human characters.