Have you been tasked with throwing a seasonal or holiday party for the office? If you’re wondering what you can do to make the office party a total success and impress boss and colleagues alike, look no further. There are a few tips and considerations that you need to keep in mind to make sure that the office party goes off without a hitch. Here they are.
Take care to get estimates for everything, from the food to the venue to the entertainment. You don’t have to have a budget for this. Call up a few different companies and places to find out their rates first. Create a couple of different proposals for cheap to expensive budget suggestions. Based on these, your superiors or HR department can decide on the budget.
Whatever the holiday, there is always a theme. You have to make sure you keep to the theme, whether it is with the Christmas catering menu or the décor, your event needs to have a consistent theme. A December without red and green just won’t have the feel or look that people want. Halloween is known for its orange and black spooky theme.

Make sure that the food on the Christmas catering menu or Halloween treats list has nothing that people might be allergic to. As early as you can, find out about dietary restrictions and requirements. Many people nowadays, in addition to allergies, have requirements for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options for food. Checking with people will enable you to relatively accurately estimate quantities of each dish as well, so there won’t be any waste.
Now, since this is an office party, you probably shouldn’t have any liquor. You’ve surely heard about (or seen) plenty of incidents where booze has caused some embarrassing and inappropriate situations. Let’s face it; alcohol and office parties don’t mix – no pun intended. If your superiors do expect some sort of firewater to be flowing, try to keep it light. Cocktails might be a good idea, or drink tickets to limit the number of shots each person consumes. You don’t want Janice from Accounting filing a sexual harassment against your boss, after all.
Get creative. Instead of having the usual live band or seasonal entertainment like horror houses for Halloween, have a special act perform at the party. An acrobat act might wow the boss, or if it’s December, why not hire a choir to sing some carols (or hymns, depending on the demographics). A little entertainment station for karaoke is a mainstay of office parties, so this would work if your colleagues are the type who would enjoy it.
These five tips should help you throw a smooth-sailing, fun office event, whatever the season or occasion.