We, human beings are one of the most ignorant things who should have never been created! We realise too late and we never take precautious about anything in life! We cover up our slips as it is human nature. It is really important for us to understand it is never the human nature to make mistakes! We were actually produced to take care of every living being on earth!

We always run towards the bad things faster than someone can blink! We all buy wine to dine, wine and sweep the girl but most of you never bug the preventive measures like pills or condoms! Later, when you get surprise visit from the mother of your unborn child, it is either too late or you want easy way out! Why didn’t you just buy a box of condoms! Humans are one think filled with ignorance and gelled to reasoning!

We all know that there are these online websites to buy things! They are cheap! Why miss it?!? Moreover it is shoppers friendly! But there is a huge process being it. People running various business or some things, they are a Web designer to do their customised ecommerce website design, then they are going through various processes and you are done.

They sell things at really cheap prices even if it is costing then a loss. This is a mechanism to make people lazier than already are. This will also make them depend on these online websites to buy things. But, later when these online shopping malls have taken out their threats in real world, they might increase the prices really high.

Even now, there are so many people who do all their purchases in online shopping malls and websites. On this rate, there is a high chance of people becoming fat and the percentage of obesity increasing really high.

Most of the business are a huge lie with an underlined profit. When you do not get to do shopping and get your mine off something. But doing online shopping is boring at times. This will increase your stress. There are workaholics who will spend too much on work that they forget their own reason of existence.

This stress will cause more adrenaline and other stress hormones to be released in out body which will make it hard to live and will lead to lots of health problem which will bring profits to hospitals and pharmaceutical industry.

Moreover, when there is a high chance of not able to get a hard on to ejaculating during a sexual intercourse which will cost you, your own relationship or even marriage. This might be unsettling to you, but most of the psychologist deduce the problem for many couples problem as not being sexually satisfied. When people are sexually satisfied, they are found to be in really good mood. When this is also hit, this will either profit a divorce lawyer or some doctors who can help you with the change and problem.