We live in a very obese world where there are more people dying of obesity than they die of starvation. Most young people do not care too much about their health or their weight and choose to sustain themselves on a diet of coke and fast food. It is a very sad fact that a bottle of coca cola is a lot cheaper than a bottle of water and a chemical and preservative laced burger is a lot cheaper than a healthy salad. This has led to an obese and unhealthy younger generation that is sick and diseased. It is shocking that many young people today have illnesses that were once known to occur only in older people because they consume such an unhealthy diet that is both nutritionally deficient and laced with chemicals and preservatives.

Make a pact with friends

One of the best ways to challenge yourself to lose weight and become healthy is to do it with a group of friends. Challenge yourself and your entire group to lose a certain number of kilos by eating healthy and following a strict diet that is clean and lacks chemicals. You can have a number of exercise events to accompany your diet such as team cycling in Singapore and aerobics classes once a week.

There are numerous ways in which you can get back in shape of which the most important is maintaining a healthy clean diet that is plant based and does not include any processed food. It is very sad that most children and working adults today continuously eat food like substances at places like McDonalds that are made completely of chemicals and preservatives. In addition to team cycling, you could even choose to get a group membership at a gym with your friends in order to make achieving team goal easier.

Take up swimming

Swimming is another proven way to lose weight and get the exercise that you need for the day. In addition to exercise, swimming also known for its ability to relax the body and reduce stress. Stress is also another well-known cause in weight again and therefore even if you are on healthy food and a regular exercise schedule, if you are stressed at work or home, you will find that losing weight will be difficult. It would be useful for you to buy yourself a pedometer so that you can track your daily activity in order to know if you are getting enough of exercise in your daily life in addition to the exercise that you do at the gym.